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Find out our fragrance: INNUANCE


The freshness of the Mediterranean lemon enhances with soft touches of raspberry.

The aroma is also combined by an original orange blossom flower and cacao, tinged by spiced touches of vanilla.


The smell ritual begins with the essential oils’ lemon, mixed slightly with fruity and floral touches. The presence of the bitter cacao evokes the old wisdom of ancestral cultures.

The counterpoint of spiced chords of haba Tonka grants an elegance to the composition that is the subtle reflection of the creativity in its purest form.

INNUANCE is the paradigm of innovation and aromatic tradition, which are the essential values of INN FLAVOURS.

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Sense of smell: more than a sense

Our brain is capable to register more than 10.000 different smells, which, once memorized, few times are forgotten. There are fragrances that relax or excite, essences which stimulate the industrial performance and smells that promote sales up. Anyway, we won’t be care to such aroma’s perception.

Aroma-cology or the science that focuses on the investigation of the relationship between psychology and technology of the aromatic substances, has demonstrated, in a scientific way that an aroma can evoke certain sensations and emotions such as relaxation, animation, sensuality, happiness and welfare state, by means of the stimulation of the nerves’ tracts, especially into the limbic system.

Sense-of-smell marketing or scent marketing

To communicate your brand and to become something more than a design, a colour, a form or a slogan, it should focus in the same way, face to face, as if each of your consumers and/or users were in the dialog at that very moment. It is not an easy task. But it is not so impossible if we take into account the resources which the concept of identity aromas is offered to us: personalised aromas which identify your company’s brand. A unique and sensorial experience that may have influence into the consumers’ mind positively and complete your identity as firm.

The identity aroma or scent marketing is an effective way but intangible that has provided good and real results to many companies which have used this kind of communication to keep bonds or increase their number of clients, introducing them to the imaginary of their essence.

An unique and exclusive fragrance that provides the values and your preferences when communicating, may acquire a dimension to a higher emotional level into the consumer’s mind. This premise can turn into something intangible but lasting within your clients’ brain. The ingredients of your personalised recipe are the keys to define the body and essence of your aroma, becoming a characteristic and innovative element for the projection of your image as company.

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