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INN FLAVOURS, S.L. provides a wide flavour's range for the tinned-food fish industry, the meat and precooked-food industry, too. The industrial flavours INNAROM by INN FLAVOURS, S.L., in liquid or in powder, reach a complete flavour's line, from the most classical to the most innovative. These products consist of a collection of vegetable, spiced, fish or meat flavours, which provide the suitable aromatic touch to achieve all the desired nuances.

These flavours have the choice to be personalised and are focused on frozen and refrigerated tinned food and ready-cooked meal.

By means of using the products of INN FLAVOURS, S.L., it is possible to achieve specialities so characteristic such as the sardines in lemon, in pickled or in tomato's sauce, or also other ones such as octopus fried with garlic, calamari with American sauce, fish pâté or tuna's salad.

INN FLAVOURS, S.L. has got the following industrial flavours in the market already:

> INNAROM lemon
> INNAROM flavouring of mayonnaise
> INNAROM tomato
> INNAROM white fish
> INNAROM crab
> INNAROM bacon
> INNAROM cured Iberian ham
> INNAROM ketchup
> INNAROM barbecue
> INNAROM beef
> INNAROM fish fumet
> INNAROM meat stock
> INNAROM vegetables
> INNAROM intensifying
> INNAROM smoke in powder
> INNAROM pickle AM
> INNAROM pickle AS
> INNAROM white pickle
> INNAROM chile
> INNAROM grilled
> INNAROM fried onion
> INNAROM boiled chicken
> INNAROM roasted chicken
> INNAROM mushroom
> INNAROM anchovy
> INNAROM porcini mushroom
> INNAROM truffle
> INNAROM parmesan cheese
> INNAROM manchego cheese

In addition to the references listed, we have a wide selection of standard aromas and we also develop other desired.

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