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INN FLAVOURS, S.L. is a company that has been grounded at the beginning of 2007, founded by Francesc Montejo, who has more than 25 years of experience in the field of the food industry and he also carries out the investigation within the culinary chemical's area (molecular gastronomy) under the framework of the European project called INICON, since 2004.

Our activity is focused on the development and marketing of industrial and culinary flavours with innovative technologies, within the food sector.

INN FLAVOURS, S.L. offers, being the main innovation, the use of synergy mixture of food additives (enzyme, precursor of biochemical reactions, etc.) and aromatic substances which provide new properties of texture, flavour and colour on the food.

Throughout our investigations, we have developed this new range of products, which will help any chef over the world to emulate, for example, the most innovative creations of Ferran Adrià.

The company's team has got the best scientists and chefs de cuisine over the world, as collaborators.


The vision of INN FLAVOURS, S.L. consists of developing the synergy between the culinary flavours and the food technology, creating an innovative concept of culinary chemistry, approaching it to chefs and to the public.


The mission of INN FLAVOURS, S.L. comprises a new path within the food technology and gastronomic market, introducing an innovative concept of culinary flavour, focusing its marketing on restaurants' chefs and gourmets. INN FLAVOURS, S.L. wants to satisfy their clients, offering a high-quality product, based on the using of 100% natural raw materials.

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